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Why Join Band?

Picture this

You’re a freshman heading to Tallwood on the first day of school. You have no idea where to go, who to talk to, or what to do! You’re nervous, hesitant, excited, anxious and maybe a bit overwhelmed…

If you were in band, you’d walk into school con­fi­dent­ly, knowing you already have over 100 friends you met at band camp! You’d feel welcome and have imme­di­ate contact with upperclassmen.

No other orga­ni­za­tion eases the tran­si­tion to high school like band.

By the numbers

Music edu­ca­tion has very tangible impacts on student per­for­mance in school.

Impact on school performance

Higher Graduation Rates
Higher Attendance Rates
Scores on SAT Verbal Section
Scores on SAT Math Section

Ask the principals

According to a Harris Interactive Poll, the over­whelm­ing majority of school prin­ci­pals see the benefits of music edu­ca­tion in their own schools.

Believe music education encourages and motivates students to stay in school
Believe music education contributes to higher graduation rates

Band & Life

Beyond per­for­mance in school, band impacts much more than just your ability to play an instrument.

Band Builds Life Skills

  • Working toward common goals
  • Striving for excel­lence in a group setting
  • Utilizing a dis­ci­plined and creative approach to solving problems
  • Having flex­i­bil­i­ty in work situations

The Facts

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