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As of November 8, 2017 the Tallwood Band Program will go LIVE with our new CHARMS program.  Mr. Ross will be handing out the Tallwood Bands CHARMS Startup Guide for Login & Online Registration packet the next 2 days in class.  Please take a moment to discuss the packet with your student.

At this time the Calendar, Event List, E-mail, Finances, Forms Collected,  and Absences are all working.  We hope to add the Inventory/Uniforms/Library by the Winter Concert.  Your students band locker combo (if they chose to receive one) should be in charms as well as any school rented instrument.

Any financial questions can be brought to the attention of our Treasurer, Ms. Sandi Music.  You can actually e-mail her through the CHARMS app.

Looking forward to this new communication system that puts the whole band at our fingertips.

Download Startup Guide

Volunteer Sign-In Reminder

Tallwood High School Band Boosters-

As a reminder, when volunteering during the school hours at Tallwood HS, please sign-in at the front desk.  No one should come in the exterior band or chorus doors during the instructional day.  We need to comply with all Safe Schools regulations in order to keep Tallwood a safe place.

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Partners in Music Education

Thank you to the following partners in music education for their support of the Tallwood Band Program.

  • Ryder System, Inc.

    1950 Old Greenbriar Rd
    Chesapeake, VA 23320

    Ryen Henry
    Local Rental Manager
    Hampton Roads Market
    C: 804.349.2860
    F: 757.424.3994

  • Herc Rentals, Inc.

    716 South Military Hwy.
    Virginia Beach, VA 23464

    Mike Ammons
    Branch Manager
    Phone: (757) 424-2110 
    Mobile: (843) 267-6347

  • Greenbrier Florist

    1813 Greenbrier Parkway
    Chesapeake, VA 23320
    (757) 420-8000
    (800) 642-4516