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Fundraising is a great way for students to offset the costs of band par­tic­i­pa­tion. We run multiple fundrais­ers through­out the year through a variety of vendors and services.

If you have any ques­tions regard­ing fundrais­ers, please contact fundraising@​tallwoodband.​com

Current Fundraisers

Walmart Logo


Walmart Spark Good Program

Round up your online Walmart purchases at checkout to make a difference every time you shop! 

It's easy to set up in your Walmart account:

  1. Sign in or create an account on
  2. Navigate to the Account section, and click "Giving & Impact" from the account menu
  3. Click "Select Local Charity" and search for "Tallwood". 
    If no results appear, check that the location filter is a Hampton Roads zip code (e.g. 23464)
  4. Click the "Select" button on the "Tallwood High School Band Boosters Association" result, then scroll down and click "Done! Start making an impact"
  5. Toggle on the new "Round Up" switch

Round Up is only available for online and app purchases (not in-store or Walmart Pay), and you'll be able to opt in or out during checkout for each purchase.

Past Fundraisers

Aug 15–Oct 30

Charleston Wrap

Total Profit: 30-40% per item, with 85% of the profits going to the member, and 15% to the general fund. For example, if an item is $25: 

  • 30% profit will be $7.50, 40% profit will be $10
  • The member will receive 85%, which will be $6.38 for 30% per item or $8.50 for 40% per item.
  • The general fund will receive 15%, which will be $1.13 for 30% per item or $1.50 for 40% per item.