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The Semper Fidelis” Award for Musical Excellence

Each year, the Semper Fidelis award is presented to a student who displays traits that the Marine Corps considers essential to being a good leader: endurance, knowledge, unselfishness, dependability, enthusiasm and loyalty.

Award recipients are not necessarily the most outstanding musicians, but rather a student whose leadership qualities have contributed to the success of the band program.  The “Semper Fidelis” award for Musical Excellence is presented by the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. and the Marine Corps League in recognition of diligence, dedication and musical excellence as a performing high school bandsman and soloist.


Year Recipients
2007-2008 Josh Brannon
2008-2009 Samuel Venable
Andrew Rowe
2009-2010 Desiree Johnson
2010-2011 Samuel Venable
2011-2012 Timothy Delia
2012-2013 Heather Craft
2013-2014 Gavin Tang
2014-2015 Drew Weko
2015-2016 Seth Allen Foster
2016-2017 Kiara Campbell
2017-2018 Cameren Mebane
2018-2019 Michael Balingit
2019-2020 Josiah Paul Madison
2020-2021 Amani Hinton
2021-2022 Josh Darrow (Trumpet)