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Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

In recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of jazz as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character, and individual creativity.


Year Recipients
1993-1994 Jordan Medas
1994-1995 Cameron Ruffin
1995-1996 Robert Dillard
1996-1997 Jason Dela Cruz
1997-1998 Jason Dela Cruz
1998-1999 Damian Wade
1999-2000 Adam Addesso
2000-2001 Aaron West (Trumpet)
2001-2002 Robbie Lamb
2002-2003 Robbie Lamb
2007-2008 Jamel Pinkney
2008-2009 Jess Rivera Valentin
2009-2010 Sam Yusufov
Jamal Pinkney
2010-2011 Meghan Raymer
Cameron Richardson
2011-2012 Cameron Richardson (Percussion)
2012-2013 Andreas Jacque (Percussion)
2013-2014 Patrick Dermody (Percussion)
2014-2015 Justin Lewis
2015-2016 Hayden Busby
2016-2017 Devonte Ezell
2017-2018 Micaela Berry (Baritone Saxophone)
2018-2019 Anthony Cittadino (Tenor Saxophone)
Austin Hopkins (Percussion)
2019-2020 James Mims (Bass Guitar)
2020-2021 Tyler McCroskey (Trumpet)
2021-2022 Miles Anderson (Trumpet)