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Arion Foundation Award

The Arion Foundation Award is a national honor presented annually to a member of the junior band class. Award winners are chosen based on outstanding performing abilities, their contributions toward bettering the band program, their academic standing, and their high personal and professional qualities that reflect highly on their peers, the band program and Tallwood High School.


Year Recipients
2007-2008 Andrew Rowe
2008-2009 Desiree Johnson
2009-2010 Ryan Kunde
2010-2011 Daniel Rowe
2011-2012 Hayley Childress
2012-2013 Matthew McMullin
2013-2014 AJ Rios
2014-2015 Sophia Kadi
2015-2016 Isabel Pedro
2016-2017 Joshua Villa
2017-2018 Austin Hopkins
2018-2019 Michael Harrington
2019-2020 Kayden Brickhouse
2020-2021 Joshua Darrow
2021-2022 Will Rapp