About SmartMusic

Tallwood has implemented Smart Music into the band curriculum. Smart Music is a computer program designed to assist students in practicing and improving on their instrument. SmartMusic.com states:

Music students learn more quickly and have more fun in the group context, but that’s only possible a few hours a week at school. In order to learn and participate effectively, they need to practice musical skills at home. SmartMusic recreates the group setting by providing the context, or accompaniment, as if they were in the larger group.

During their home learning, SmartMusic.com continues,

SmartMusic gives your child the feedback to learn efficiently and have fun at the same time. As they get involved in more activities, finding those learning solutions to accomplish this is critical to their continued participation. SmartMusic is the innovative practice solution that will keep your child participating while developing music skills and appreciation.

SmartMusic At Tallwood

Students in the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble Class will be required to take tests on Smart Music.

If you purchase Smart Music, students will be able to take their test and quizzes from the comfort of their own home and e-mail Mr. Rossettini their results! They will be able to practice their tests/quizzes as many times as they want, slow down their music, listen to professional recordings and look up fingerings of notes they missed. SmartMusic shows you exactly what you played correctly in green and the note you missed in red. Imagine the class time saved!


SmartMusic is purchased as a subscription. The normal subscription rate is approximately $40/year. Mr. Rossettini encourages you to go to SmartMusic.com and view the parent resources and demo videos. SmartMusic also requires a microphone for your computer. The SmartMusic microphone is an additional cost, but the microphones used with a USB connection for any gaming system are also compatible. So those students who own Rock Band for XBOX may not need the microphone. Apple computers do not require the microphone.

In-School Option

Students who do not have Smart Music at home may use the practice room computers or the computer in room 401 from 7:00-7:20am and after school starting at 2:10pm, or during the student’s study block. If a student is unable to acquire SmartMusic at home and they have not made arrangements to take their tests before or after school, they will only have one opportunity to submit their SmartMusic tests for Mr. Rossettini in class.