Each year, one student from each of the two feeding middle schools – Kempsville and Brandon – is awarded the Marching Band Scholarship. The scholarship covers the student’s Marching Band Fee, the largest of the student’s band fees. (The student is still responsible for all other band fees) Scholarship recipients must have enrolled in the Tallwood band, committed to marching season with the Marching Lions, stayed in good standing with their current band program, shown an excellent class attitude and musical progress, and maintained a 3.0 overall GPA with an “A” in band. Additionally, students must maintain an A average in Band their full 9th grade year in order for the scholarship to be applied.

Year Recipients School
2013-2014 Aeric DeLeon Kempsville MS
2013-2014 Josh Villa Brandon MS
2012-2013 Kaytlynn Hinson Brandon MS
2012-2013 Robin Benedict Kempsville MS
2011-2012 Heather Paxton Kempsville MS
2011-2012 Jaeda Gilmore Brandon MS
2010-2011 Chris Cotter Brandon MS
2010-2011 Stephen Reiss Kempsville MS
2009-2010 Evan Benedict Kempsville MS
2009-2010 Jordan Rosado-Rodriguez Brandon MS
2008-2009 Abagail Hartgraves Brandon MS
2008-2009 Jessica Troutman Kempsville MS
2007-2008 Daniel Rowe Kempsville MS
2007-2008 Kat Porter Brandon MS