In recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.

Year Recipients Instrument
2020-2021 Kayden Brickhouse
2019-2020 Liam Miller
2018-2019 Kyle Jones
2017-2018 Joshua Villa
2016-2017 Robin Benedict
2015-2016 Sophia Kadi
2014-2015 Alfonso R. Mitchell Rios III
2013-2014 Matthew McMullin Trumpet
2012-2013 Teresa Villa Flute
2011-2012 Daniel Rowe
2010-2011 Christopher Graves Trumpet
2009-2010 Desiree Johnson French Horn
2008-2009 Rachel Westfall Trombone
2007-2008 Shaun Sutherland Trumpet
2002-2003 Lani Balawan
2001-2002 J.L. Butler Percussion
2000-2001 Vikki Perillo Clarinet
1999-2000 Damian Wade
1998-1999 Paul Curtis French Horn
1997-1998 Karen Lewis Bassoon
1996-1997 Sarah Howard Flute
1995-1996 Laura Sherman Flute
1994-1995 Kenny Smith Tuba
1993-1994 Roland Nave Clarinet
1992-1993 James “Pete” Peterson Trombone